Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things Are Getting Accomplished!

Tristen poo poo'd in the potty!!! Ok, I know that is way to much information, but I am so thrilled. Yesterday, I decided to start keeping his diaper on and reminding him every 20 minutes or so to go potty. And he did it! He sat on his little potty seat and did his business. And now today, he keeps trying, so I am fully confident that he will do it again today.

Yesterday, I had to go back to the dentist. They had to put my crown on my tooth from the root canal last week and re-do a root canal that I had done in high school. I was excited to get a day out to myself. I was jamming in the car, drinking some starbucks. I realized that my children must be alot of work if I was excited to go get my teeth grinded on! Don't worry, about 30 minutes into my dental work, I was dying to go home and be with my kids! I decided this time not to do Nitrous, becuase I was soooo sick last week from it. I figured out the pros and cons to nitrous. Last week I had it and this is how I felt: high as a kite, giggly, not nervous, but very neaseas. This week I did not have it and this is how I felt: jumpy to every noise, terrified that they were gonna strike a nerve, wide awake, but not sick. So there are pros and cons, I'm not sure which is better. I go back again in 3 weeks to get my crown for the root canal they did yesterday AND get a wisdom tooth pulled. As sucky as it is, I am very thankful for the oppertunity to get my teeth fixed right! Still haven't taken a Vicodin, I'm not sure why I am so scared of that stuff! I'll probably stick to the advil, it's working ok.

A fun oppertunity has come up. I MIGHT be on the dance team that my church has. They perform for our Girlfriends event. (which by the way is awesome) So I was invited to be on this team which practices Wednesday nights when my kids are ALREADY in nursery. Very convienant. They dance really cute to. My only dilemna is that for the next 4 weeks I will miss our young marrieds class. Which makes me so sad. I feel like I have learned so much in this class and that Brad and I communicate better than we ever have. This class has been awesome for us, so I really have to pray about it and see if I want to miss 4 weeks of it.

Oh, one more cool thing. I made a really cool chore chart for my kids this past weekend. I went to the Supernanny website and found one I liked, then recreated it in excel. It has cute little pictures for things they have to do, like make the bed, clean up toys, no whining etc. Yesterday was the first day we used it and I am happy to say that yesterday Bradlee recieved all his stars, and Tyanna recieved all but one star. She was very whiny yesterday morning. And today, they made their rooms spotless before school. So they will probably get all there stars again. I just hope the excitement doesn't wear off. Oh, each star is worth 25 cents, so if they get all their stars, the will make $7 dollars a week. Which we will pay them Saturday night, and they will pay their tithe on Sunday! I am really excited about it!

This blog was way longer than intended, but it was a nice outlet. If you haven't already, please add me to the blogs you read, so others will read. I mean clearly, you read my blog if you are here right now! Unless you are just stalking me, Lol!

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Abby Grace said...

Sorry about your tooth. It is funny that us Mommies get so excited about simple things like going to the dentist. I can totally relate and I only have 1 child! I'm glad things are going well for you guys and I'm really happy for you that you all found a good young marrieds group. We've been in one for 2 years now and it has completely transformed (and continues to) our lives and marriage.