Friday, October 17, 2008

Potty Training! Why do I try?

I have decided this week that I want Tristen potty trained. He turned 2 the end of June. In my head, 2 seems old enough to potty train. However, Bradlee was 3! The good thing about potty training a 3 year old is there is no training. He just did it. No accidents. Anyways, we went and bought Tristen a potty chair on Tuesday. Which he still has not successfully pottied in. It's like a major case of stage fright. He tries, but nothing comes out. He even makes cute little grunting noises to assure me that he is trying. Yesterday, he wore big boy underwear all day which only resulted in 4 pair of wet underwear and 1 pair of poopy underwear. Today I started feeling defeated and re-thinking my decision. Let me tell you why. This morning when we got up, I took his diaper off and told him that when he needs to go poo poo to tell me and I will help him. Thinking surely he will not poop on the floor, right? Right, he did not poop on the floor! Instead, he climbed up on the dresser in his room and pooped on it!!! I was only away from him for about 5 minutes. I headed downstairs and asked him if he needed to poop. He replied "no" and pointed to where he had already done his business. As if to display it in a high place. He thought it was greatness. I can only imagine what it looked like, him climbing on the dresser and taking a squat, then climbing down without ever touching it. WHY??? So I called Brad and told him I don't think he is ready. Brad said, keep trying. Would I rather spend a week cleaning up after him or another year changing his diapers. So we are still trying, but I am a little frustrated! I did take pictures of the poo on the dresser to show Brad, but I will spare everyone else the ugly picture! If anyone has any ideas, please share. I am really trying to stick it out and get him potty trained this week.

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Zanna said...

WOW Your going to be on the dance team!