Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Pageant

We put all of the Pratt Kids in a pageant last weekend! The plan was just for Tyanna and at the last minute Brad decided that it was not fair and that they all needed to be in the pageant. Probably won't do that again!!! Even though it was very challenging, they did well and we had alot of fun. Family memories is what it's all about, right? Now we won't talk about the fact that Bradlee and Tristen were the only boys in the competition! Here is how they placed.

Bradlee - 1st prize in his age division!!!! And, King over the whold pageant.

Tyanna - 1st prize in her age division!!!! Most beautiful girl in the competition and tied for highest score in the whole competition. There were about 15 girls in the competition, so she did really well!

Tristen - 1st prize in his age division!!!! Most beautiful boy in competition. And the judges told us he was 3rd highest score in the competition. He rocked the stage, it was really cute!

Ashten - 3rd runner up in her age division. She had a little bit of a hard time. In this age group most of the judging is on their character. No matter what the baby looks like, if they are smiling and waving at the judges and blowing kisses, they will do well. I planned on her winking at them and raising her eyebrows and waving and all that. Instead, she decided to stair at them with no smile and no expression the entire time! Oh well, what can you do!

Here are a few pictures from the award ceremony. From now on I think this is going to be mine and Tyanna's thing!

Oh, and you can't laugh at the cheesiness of this pageant. They were serving their community by entertaining the elderly people at this assisted living center!!!! They made 3 cards each to hand out and gave lots of hugs and high fives!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Princess

I can't believe that my 1st little girl will be turning 5 on Sunday!!! I still remember the sonogram when they told me I was having a little girl. Words can not describe my excitement. The love I already had for her! I still remember the day she was born, her tiny little body, her head full of hair. She was and still is absolutely perfect. She is beautiful, confident, strong, loving, giving, sharing. She loves to talk (help me Lord). This might seem weird, but I feel like she is everything I ever wanted to be and more! She loves the Lord and I know He is very pleased with her. She makes me so proud.

ALMOST 5!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Cat Is Toilet Trained!!!

I wrote a blog several months ago about potty training my cat. I finally did it! Granted it's supposed to take 2 weeks and it took me 3 months. She is finally trained. The last step was taking the bowl out of the toilet and letting her use the restroom in the actual toilet. For some reason she was fine with pee'ing in the toilet but she didn't want to poop in it. Brad thinks it's because when she did poop in it she got splashed so she was scared. Anyways she pooped on the floor twice and put her nose by it, told her no, then put it in the toilet and left it there for a little while and NOW she does all her business in the toilet. It is greatness!!! Here is a picture of her a few weeks ago. I don't have a new one yet, now there is no litter or bowl.