Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Princess

I can't believe that my 1st little girl will be turning 5 on Sunday!!! I still remember the sonogram when they told me I was having a little girl. Words can not describe my excitement. The love I already had for her! I still remember the day she was born, her tiny little body, her head full of hair. She was and still is absolutely perfect. She is beautiful, confident, strong, loving, giving, sharing. She loves to talk (help me Lord). This might seem weird, but I feel like she is everything I ever wanted to be and more! She loves the Lord and I know He is very pleased with her. She makes me so proud.

ALMOST 5!!!!!!!!


Katie Leckie said...

So sweet! she is so beautiful.

Jennifer McClain said...

Wow! I remember when you were pregnant with her, telling me about the cute little girl shoes you saw at the dollar store, LOL! I can't believe she is 5!!