Saturday, November 29, 2008

In just one year

I really can't believe she is one. This year has flown by. We threw a small party which kind of made me sad, but it's not like she will remember it. The only thing she will remember is these pictures of her digging into her own chocolate cake!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We're All Good Mommies, Just Different

Last week I was sitting at Red Lobster with Brad and our four kiddos. Ashten was in the high chair next to me, Tristen on my other side and Bradlee and Tyanna split up by Brad. Otherwise they fight about everything. This woman and her husband and one baby were seated one table away from us. She had the special high chair cover to make sure her baby does not touch any germs, which by the way I think are cool, just never got around to buying one. As soon as they sat down, she looked at me and maybe I was wrong but it felt like she was really judging me. It probably had to do with the fact that Ashten was eating a chedder biscuit and her baby had homemade baby food. Anyways, everything that I did I felt like she looked down on me. It was weird. Since her first weird look was because Ashten was sitting in just the yucky wooden high chair this is what I thought.

"I am raising four kids in a crazy world, germs are the least of my problems"!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 1

Sunday we headed to Granbury for our big family get together. We had alot of fun and ate alot of food. I love my family. They are my inspiration for having alot of children. My grandmother has 4 children, my mom had 4 children, my aunt Debbie has 5 children, my aunt Patty has 4 children and my uncle Chet has 2. And then me and my cousins have been working very hard to keep the family growing, Lol! Here are some pictures of our day.
I know it's mostly pictures of Ashten, but she's the only kid that wanted to hang out with me. The others were to busy for pictures.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Baby Girl is Walking

Ashten has been walking for the most part for several weeks now. It has been really exciting. All of my children walked 1 to 2 weeks after their 1st birthday. But not this little girl. She is determined. My other children would fall down once and refuse to try again for a few days. When Ashten falls, she laughs and tries again immediately.

Here is a video taken on November 1st. (so pretty much she started walking at 11 months)

I was going to do a more recent video of her walking all over the place but the camera is in the car that Brad is driving. And I am ready to get this blog out of my drafts and posted!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The 80's

I don't remember a whole lot about the 80's. What I do remember is my older cousin's intensely large hair. I also remember wearing baggy multy colored pants, oh and stirrup pants. I remember one time, I was going to go with my cousin to see her boyfriend play in a band at "Crystal's" I have no idea where that's at, anyways, I hairsprayed my bangs straigh up and put lots of eyeliner and mascara on. Unfortunately my mom came home for a lunch break and I got in trouble and did not get to go. Did I mention I was only 8 years old at the time.

Wednesday's and Thursday's have been the highlight of my weeks for 3 weeks now. I go to dance practice to learn an 80's dance routine that we will be performing in the play the "Diary" at Trinity's Girlfriends event next week. Apparently, in the play they turn on an 80's video and that's us. We have props like head bands, big sunglasses, fanny packs and masks (for the thriller part) It's like 5 songs mixed together. It is going to be awesome. I think! The scariest part about it, is that we do the 6 minute routine in front of a mirror, so when it comes time to perform and I can't see me, will I still be able to stay on count. Ok, not thinking about that, I start to get nervous just thinking about it. I probably didn't mention that they had over 500 people at the last girlfriends event. That's alot of stinking people. Maybe I shouldn't have pushed so hard to get myself in the front, Lol!

Tonight, my sister and I went shopping for our 80's stuff. Funny thing was, I didn't need clothes. I already had pants and a shirt, I just needed leg warmers, shoes, and jewelry. Forever 21 baby! They are so awesome. I hope that this fad stays for awhile, because I really like the look. I wonder what people would think if I wore a side pony tail to church? I am especially fond of it right now.

This is my 80's getup:

And my awesome side pony tail:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

October 31st

We had alot of fun! The festivities started at school. It was Missions Day for the kids. Brad and I went up to the school and had lunch with them. Bradlee's class dressed up as Japanese people, and Tyanna's class dressed up as Mexican's. Bradlee wore a baseball uniform and Tyanna wore a pancho, which she took off really early in the day. Next, we had to go home and get ready for the evening. We were representing the Dallas Cowboys. Then we went trick or treating which didn't go as well as planned. For the past 4 years, we have always gone to Forest Hills in Arlington. The streets are crowded with people, the houses decorated and lit up, and the homeowners give really good candy away. This year we decided to go to a neighborhood over here in Cedar Hill that is comparable to Forest Hills. When we got there, there were no lights on, no kids on the sidewalks, it was like these people wanted nothing to do with trick or treaters. So we drove to another neighborhood close by. Same thing. Then we went to a older neighborhood, nice houses, and there were a few houses participating. For me it was a bummer, even though the kids still enjoyed it. Next we headed to Rock The Pumpkin. That was the name of Trinity's Fall Festival. They had bounce houses, a really cool hay ride, tons of games inside etc, etc. The kids enjoyed it alot. Here are our pictures from the evening.

Tyanna's Party

Bradlee's Party

Trick or Treating (I bet Elisa "Babies Mamma" got some good pictures)

Even Jessica and Tony showed up to the event

Tristen and Matty playing some tackle football

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My next attempt......

If I cannot potty train my two year old, doggonit, I'll potty train my cat! I HATE cleaning out the litter box. And because Brad hates fowl odors (well, so do I, just not as much as him), I have to scoop the poop every day or else he complains. So I found this post about how to potty train a cat. And now I will attempt it! I will keep you updated and take lots of pictures of the process. Wish me luck!