Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We're All Good Mommies, Just Different

Last week I was sitting at Red Lobster with Brad and our four kiddos. Ashten was in the high chair next to me, Tristen on my other side and Bradlee and Tyanna split up by Brad. Otherwise they fight about everything. This woman and her husband and one baby were seated one table away from us. She had the special high chair cover to make sure her baby does not touch any germs, which by the way I think are cool, just never got around to buying one. As soon as they sat down, she looked at me and maybe I was wrong but it felt like she was really judging me. It probably had to do with the fact that Ashten was eating a chedder biscuit and her baby had homemade baby food. Anyways, everything that I did I felt like she looked down on me. It was weird. Since her first weird look was because Ashten was sitting in just the yucky wooden high chair this is what I thought.

"I am raising four kids in a crazy world, germs are the least of my problems"!


Brad Shull said...

My Kids eat directly off the table! She would have had a field day with us! lol

mbriscoe said...

Those people bother me!!! And BTW, germs are good for your kids. They make them tough and they won't get sick so much. I mean, look at me! I was protected from all the germs as a kids and I am sick so much. Josh played in the dirt constantly and he never gets sick to this day! (well, except he is sick right now, but this is very abnormal). You're an amazing mom!!

mbriscoe said...

oh and I have one of those seat covers if you really want it... I tried to use it once and I felt silly. And they are alot to lug around and remember!