Wednesday, November 5, 2008

October 31st

We had alot of fun! The festivities started at school. It was Missions Day for the kids. Brad and I went up to the school and had lunch with them. Bradlee's class dressed up as Japanese people, and Tyanna's class dressed up as Mexican's. Bradlee wore a baseball uniform and Tyanna wore a pancho, which she took off really early in the day. Next, we had to go home and get ready for the evening. We were representing the Dallas Cowboys. Then we went trick or treating which didn't go as well as planned. For the past 4 years, we have always gone to Forest Hills in Arlington. The streets are crowded with people, the houses decorated and lit up, and the homeowners give really good candy away. This year we decided to go to a neighborhood over here in Cedar Hill that is comparable to Forest Hills. When we got there, there were no lights on, no kids on the sidewalks, it was like these people wanted nothing to do with trick or treaters. So we drove to another neighborhood close by. Same thing. Then we went to a older neighborhood, nice houses, and there were a few houses participating. For me it was a bummer, even though the kids still enjoyed it. Next we headed to Rock The Pumpkin. That was the name of Trinity's Fall Festival. They had bounce houses, a really cool hay ride, tons of games inside etc, etc. The kids enjoyed it alot. Here are our pictures from the evening.

Tyanna's Party

Bradlee's Party

Trick or Treating (I bet Elisa "Babies Mamma" got some good pictures)

Even Jessica and Tony showed up to the event

Tristen and Matty playing some tackle football

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