Friday, November 7, 2008

The 80's

I don't remember a whole lot about the 80's. What I do remember is my older cousin's intensely large hair. I also remember wearing baggy multy colored pants, oh and stirrup pants. I remember one time, I was going to go with my cousin to see her boyfriend play in a band at "Crystal's" I have no idea where that's at, anyways, I hairsprayed my bangs straigh up and put lots of eyeliner and mascara on. Unfortunately my mom came home for a lunch break and I got in trouble and did not get to go. Did I mention I was only 8 years old at the time.

Wednesday's and Thursday's have been the highlight of my weeks for 3 weeks now. I go to dance practice to learn an 80's dance routine that we will be performing in the play the "Diary" at Trinity's Girlfriends event next week. Apparently, in the play they turn on an 80's video and that's us. We have props like head bands, big sunglasses, fanny packs and masks (for the thriller part) It's like 5 songs mixed together. It is going to be awesome. I think! The scariest part about it, is that we do the 6 minute routine in front of a mirror, so when it comes time to perform and I can't see me, will I still be able to stay on count. Ok, not thinking about that, I start to get nervous just thinking about it. I probably didn't mention that they had over 500 people at the last girlfriends event. That's alot of stinking people. Maybe I shouldn't have pushed so hard to get myself in the front, Lol!

Tonight, my sister and I went shopping for our 80's stuff. Funny thing was, I didn't need clothes. I already had pants and a shirt, I just needed leg warmers, shoes, and jewelry. Forever 21 baby! They are so awesome. I hope that this fad stays for awhile, because I really like the look. I wonder what people would think if I wore a side pony tail to church? I am especially fond of it right now.

This is my 80's getup:

And my awesome side pony tail:


Anonymous said...

I think the ponytail is cute...but anything you would wear is cute anyway.

Love you, girl!


Katie Leckie said...

awesome!! love it!

Jessie Sue said...

You did great at girlfriends! emai lme so that I can have a email address for you. I closed my myspace and facebook so i have to communicate the old way :-)!