Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What a wonderful day!!

This day has been amazing! I woke up to a text that said Bradlee and Tyanna did not have to be at school until 10am. So I went back to bed and woke up at 8:30! 2 extra hours is huge, I think school should always start at 10am. Then I was headed to get my hair done. Ashten and Tristen were with me. I stopped by my moms house on the way to get a baby gate that she was giving me and my sister was there and wanted to keep Tristen. Yeah! Only one baby at the hair appointment! So now my hair is dark root free. Then I headed up to my dads office to borrow a digital video camera that he said he just bought for the office. I needed it for the kids Christmas Program Thursday night. Well, he couldn't keep it a secret. My parents had just bought it for ME for Christmas!!! They bought it for me, then Sunday I asked if they had one I could borrow and they had to say yes because the kids program needed to be recorded! So I was on cloud nine! I have been wanting one since I got my Iphone. Someone told me the Iphone had video and indeed it does not. Then I got home and there were two UPS boxes on the porch. One is Tyanna'a doll house and one is my last two stockings from Pottery barn! Now my fireplace looks complete. I am on top of the world today! My house is clean and I only have a couple of loads of laundry to fold. I wish every day felt this great :)

My new video camera

Our cute little stockings

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Zanna said...

How cool and its red!! :)
I also love the stockings and how you did girl boy girl boy.