Thursday, December 25, 2008


It was absolutely wonderful this year! I saw so much family that I haven't seen in awhile. We did our extended family Christmas Party at my parents house and it was a huge success. Lots of food, lots of love and lots of laughs! I have some great video's from that day, however, my laptop will not read my HD memory card, so no video's online untill I figure that one out :(

Then we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas at my parents house. We have done this every year since we have been married. It seems weird, but we have never spent Christmas morning at our own home. Sometimes we think about changing the tradition, but never do and I am always glad we didn't change it. We have so much fun at my parents house! The kids had a wonderful christmas. They deserved it. Last year we did a very low budget Christmas, so we made up for it this year. Grandma and Grandpa got them bicycles, a air hockey table and other little things. Daddy got them real golf clubs, which I informed him if he was going to buy them he would absolutely have to take them golfing so they weren't waisted! Their aunt Brittany got them personalized coloring trays and lots of accessories, and I of course got them tons of stuff during my trips to wal-mart, target, and toys r us! My parents and sister got Brad a golf bag that he has been wanting, and I of course have my video camera from them. All it all it was a wonderful Christmas! I hate to say it was because of the gifts, but they sure did bring lots of chear to the house. The kids woke us up at 6am and we were opening presents before the sun even came up. Here are the pictures from the day.


SARAH said...

is that a drum set that tristen is playing nekked? thats awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the one of Tristen and the drumset!