Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tristen Manhattan

Little Tristen Manhattan, oh how I love that little boy! A big awesome name for a person that's gonna do big awesome things in life! Daddy won the battle over names and I am so glad he did because the name fits so well. He turns 3 tomorrow!!! We threw him a little party this weekend with just us, grandma and grampa, aunt Amber and siblings. Yes, very small. When you have one or two kids, you can invite everyone whether they have kids or not to all the birthday parties. Once you have four kids it gets a little harder. So I figure since he will probably go to k-3 next year, he will make lots of friends and we can have a big party for him. This little guy is amazing! He has the softest heart out of all of my children. He cares so much for people. He loves to help me do things. He says sweet things daily. For instance this morning I walked down the stairs and my hair was big and crazy from sleeping and he said "mommy, you beautiful" He tells me that almost on a daily basis. And it's not just because he likes my reaction. He always says it for a reason, like I just put makeup on, or crazy hair, or cute clothes. He notices everything. Yesterday he kept saying thank you to everyone for his party. While he was playing with his new toys every 5 minutes or so he would say thank you for my new toys, or thank you for opening this toy, or thank you for putting that together. He seriously is the most greatful, loving little kid in the world. I love him sooooo much!


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3 Years!!!


Jennifer McClain said...

Happy Birthday Tristen!!

SARAH said...

Its true... He really is the sweetest kid out of your group. I miss seeing him!
Cant believe he is already 3 though!

Happy Birthday T!