Sunday, May 31, 2009


I love summer!!! This was our last week of school and the beginning of summer vacation.

We started off with Field Day. This field day was awesome. The whole football field was full of different events. They had a huge rock climbing wall, face painting, snow cones. I just didn't expect such an event from a private school. Tristen and Ashten got to participate with Tyanna's class. It was alot of fun.

Ashten with her new floaty device. This is awesome because it puts her straight on her back if she loses balance. Unlike a life jacket which puts her on her belly/face.

We went to the lake last weekend and Bradlee and Tyanna got to go tubing for the first time.

Next we headed to a party at the country club where my parents are members. It happens to be my new favorite place to take the kids swimming. It has a huge pool, huge hot tub and 2 seperate kiddie pools.

Hopefully more summer blogs to come. I really do enjoy blogging, it just seems like I don't have the time these days.

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Jennifer McClain said...

Where did you find that floating thing for Ashten!?