Monday, September 21, 2009

Blogging Takes Alot of Time

Instead of writing a blog saying that I am going to start blogging again, I'm just going to jump in and write like I never quit!

Life has been so crazy these days! I've been coaching volleyball which just so happens to be one of the hardest things I've done other than having 4 kids! Literally, I am up at the school Monday through Friday from about 3pm to late depending on where the games are. And that's after we had Monday night open gym, camp, 2 a days, 3 tournaments and pre-season games! Auggghhhh! What have I gotten myself into?? Well the count down to when it ends has begun. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I tell you what though, in the midst of an intense game (win or lose) or hanging on the bus talking to really cool high school girls, it all becomes worth it. I still haven't decided if I can commit to next year :( Even though Brad has been amazing and helped with the kids so much, they still need their momma. Speaking of kids, here's whats going on with them.

Bradlee has started 2nd grade! Growing up so fast. He is also starting soccer this week. We took him for his evaluation so they can do team placement and I was impressed. He did really well.

Little Miss Tyanna started kindergarten. She's still doing ballet. And she does Lil Tigers Cheerleading at school. I gave her the option to do ballet or Allstars Cheerleading and she chose ballet. I wish she could do both but we wouldn't have the time. Daddy said next year we will put her in both.

Tristen is just doing his thing being a 3 year old. When he's not being cute and making us laugh, he is throwing fits,whining and crying. I love that boy, but 3 years old seems to be the hardest for all my children. Forget about terrible two's. He's not quite old enough for sports and that's not easy on him. He is my little athlete.

Ashten, my baby girl! She might be the smartest baby of all the Pratt kids. And that says a lot because my kids are all geniuses. She started potty training by herself at 20 months. She talks so well. She's a mommy's girl. Need I say more?

On to another subject. I started a Pageant Company. My sisters and I are directing them. We have done two now and are getting ready for our third. The second one was 90% better than the first, so if we keep going at that rate it won't be long before we have an incredible business.

Brad decided to build pools! We built our first in August. We have a couple more in the works.

OK, that's all for now. I think I did enough updating for one blog.


Kristine P. said...

Nominated you for Kreative Blog Award

Anonymous said...

Why don't you blog anymore? We miss your witty comments.