Monday, March 23, 2009

Pageant Princess

Tyanna competed in her 3rd pageant yesterday. She was crowned as Most beautiful in the competition. This means that she scored the highest score out of everyone for facial beauty alone. It's not grand supreme which is the "full package" but it does mean that my daughter is amazingly pretty :) The little girl that won definately deserved it for the show she put on in the additional outfit category. If Tyanna would have been a little more confident when she did her ballet stuff in the additional outfit category, she might have won grand supreme. ANYWAYS, all that to say that this whole pageant thing is exausting!!! Not sure we will do them very often! Maybe 2 a year, we'll see. After the pageant we went to the new mall in Cedar Hill and had a little family play time!


bullets said...

oh she's so tiny standing next to the others. how cool.

Jennifer McClain said...

Alecia She is SO beautiful!!! Have you thought about doing hair pieces? I see a lot of the girls on the "toddlers and tiaras" with them, it might give her a little more pop. But even without it she is gorgeous!!!